The Gherkin, London - Thursday 27th September 2018 (08.15 - 10.30)

Many local authorities are focusing more and more on transitioning their service delivery online.

Indeed, the need to use systems to encourage local communities to self-serve is becoming a necessity in order to both reduce contact into customer service teams and to modernise the customer experience. This shift means that staff can focus their time on some of the higher-impact needs of customers, including vulnerable citizens.

That said, building the platforms to create the opportunities to self-serve is not as easy as it may seem, particularly as most local authorities already have legacy back-office systems in place that are key pieces in the digitisation jigsaw. So the fundamental issues are about supplier relationships and building key integrations to make new and existing back-office systems connect and 'talk to each other' to enable self-service to happen.

This special breakfast briefing is designed to distil some of the crucial lessons learned from accelerating digital transformation and self-service.

Using the Lichfield District Council's digital transformation case-study, where a new garden waste service saw 82% of customers sign up to the service online (in a short space of time, providing a robust platform for future channel shift), this interactive session will enable local authorities to learn the hard-won lessons from other local authorities, share best practice and consider game-changing ways to transform public services.

Neil Turner Director of Transformation of Resources and Lizzie Barton, Project Manager of the Waste Digitisation roll-out, from Lichfield District Council will share their journey on how, within seven months, the council successfully went from a legacy CRM and an outdated waste system, to a state of the art solution, exceeding all targets and receiving national recognition as an exemplar of good practice.

They will also discuss how they are now digitising other council services and the necessary corporate approach needed to encourage the shift to delivering services online.


  • 08.15 Registration, breakfast and networking
  • 08.45 Welcome introduction Richard Friend, Vice President, Jadu
  • 09.00 Neil Turner & Elizabeth Barton introduction to our council and services
  • 09.15 Case study session
  • 09.30 - How we saw 82% channel shift and 22,000 sign ups due to our Garden Waste online service and what services are next
    - Integrations with key back-office system suppliers - gets us our desired online results
    - Communication with internal teams - stop resistance to change and encourage teams to review customer service delivery as it stands to self-serve
  • 10.00 Q&A, leading to coffee and networking
  • 10.30 Close
Richard Friend
Vice President
Lizzie Barton
Project Manager of the Waste Digitisation roll-out
Lichfield District Council
Neil Turner
Director Transformation of Resources
Lichfield District Council

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