Automation & AI in Local Government, a satellite event at ShareDigital, brings together those with a specific interest in how self-service technologies, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI can help address the dual challenge of reducing budgets and growing demand for public services.

Potential benefits for local authorities include: achieving cost savings, improving operational compliance and reducing errors. As well as its efficiency, automated processing to handle the administrative burden of repetitive and mundane work means that council employees can be freed-up to focus on other ways to improve services, enhance revenue collection and reduce costs.

But in practice, how are councils deploying these technologies? And what have been the lessons learned by early-adopters that can help those who follow in their footsteps?

The annual ShareDigital networking form provides an opportunity for digital champions to meet-up to share experiences and discuss common challenges faced.

So if you have a case-study that illustrates how automation technologies or AI is being deployed to improve public services and you are interested in speaking, please get in touch with John Neame via