Analytics and business intelligence technologies can provide the necessary insights that local authorities need to adopt smarter ways of delivering public services.

Data Analytics in Local Government, a satellite event at ShareDigital, brings together those with a specific interest in the use of analytics to better understand how councils can deploy resources more efficiently.

Predictive analytics can enable local authorities to take a more preventative approach, putting in place interventions to try and avert problems rather than simply being reliant on providing costly services in response. And analytics is set to become increasingly important for council decision-making as they strive to deliver services that are focused on outcomes, with plans based on demonstrable evidence.

Everyone should be interested in how better use of data can help councils reduce costs and enhance public services. But in practice, how do councils already utilise data analytics? And what have been the lessons learned by early-adopters that can help those who follow in their footsteps?

The annual ShareDigital networking forum provides an opportunity for digital champions to meet-up to share experiences and discuss common challenges faced.

So if you have a case-study that illustrates how data analytics and business intelligence technologies are being deployed to improve public services and you are interested in speaking, please get in touch with John Neame via